The all-in-one Hospital Management System
with Integrated Digital Medical Records.


Patient friendly EMR with Automated SMS & Email alerts.


An EMR designed for giving the best user experience for Doctors.


The only EMR with integrated PACS & DICOM viewer.


Integrated Finance Management System, Managerial Information System, Human Resource Management System & Payroll Processing System

Grapes IDMR.

An ideal hospital information management system focusing on integration of clinical as well as financial and administrative applications.

Chrome iPad
User Experience.

Intuitive User Interface

The basis of our design philosophy is an end result of the research that has been conducted over the initial years of Grapes. Users never feel the effort of doing anything in the system as the actions just fall into place as they wish.

One Hospital - One Software.

Seamless Integration

From multimedia devices to laboratory machines, our level of integration is the best in industry. When we are here, you never have to look for third party vendors for interfacing any equipments in the hospital.

100% Successfull EMR.

Word Class CPOE Module

We recognise the fact that, the primary users of an EMR system are doctors. So Grapes is designed in a way to give maximum comfort for Doctors. The Grapes CPOE system is promoted by Doctors all over India because of this single fact.

Even more Feature Rich

Grapes is coming with a number of features which supports the functioning of a hospital in many ways.

Fully customizable GUI

Necessary changes are always made in the system as per user requirement and comfort.

Dynamic Reports

New & custom reports are made within a day upon user request.

Multicenter Integration

Grapes support multicenter integration for hospitals having multiple branches.

Multi-layer Encryption

Built with multi-layer, indigenous encryption system with best security for the data.

Easily Adaptable

Adaptable for clinics, multi-speciality hospitals & medical colleges.

24*7 Support and Service

Grapes offers 24*7 online support & onsite support for 365 days in a year.

A Brief Intro

From the Founder's Desk

What Grapes now is his dream. Listen to his words to know more about Grapes and the unlimited possibilities. A must watch to make a hospital better!

Recent Updates

Grapes Mobile Apps – A move towards faster care delivery

The use of smartphones are reducing the time we have to spend on doing our daily chores like bill payments and purchases. But when it comes to following the standard procedures, documenting and accessing patient info we still rely on larger workstations. In a plan to totally redesign the process of clinical data entry and… Read MoreGrapes Mobile Apps – A move towards faster care delivery »

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Get ahead with NABH accreditation using Grapes

Grapes IDMR has been innovating to help our hospitals to put up with the standards defined by NABH. All the possible data points are being monitored and analysed to provide better insights. The healthcare professionals and the facility managers need not to worry now as the software handles their standardisation.

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2 day of hacking health

Providing essential healthcare services in a populated country like India is a herculean task. But the interesting fact is having a larger population and a larger user/consumer base is going to really make the process of providing healthcare more efficient and easier. With the right innovation, we can overcome the bottleneck of having only limited… Read More2 day of hacking health »

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Lines of Code

Universal Data Accessibility

Enabled with universal data accessibility with single sign-on technology.

NABH Compliant

Track your quality indicators easily with our audit dashboard.

100% Paperless

All modules offer paperless outputs. Bills & Receipts can be send as SMS & Email.

Walkthrough Videos

Our dedicated support team will give walkthrough videos with detailed instructions for all modules as needed.

Dynamic Configurations

There are multiple configurations that the system administrator can alter without the developers help.

Optimize Resource Procurement

A complete material management system that helps you to do resource procurement with ease.

Efficient Use of Manpower

With an efficient software comes better manpower management.

Artificial Intelligence Enabled

Enabled with Artificial Intelligence to help you in your way to do your job in a better way.

Enable Seamless Communication

With inbuilt mail & news functions grapes enables seamless communication inside the hospital.


IP EMR & MIS Optimized for Mobile & Tablet PC's.

The EMR and MIS dashboards are also provided as mobile apps. These modules are customised especially for mobile and tablet PC screens. Lightweight design & an optimised database helps fast loading times even in cellular networks.

These apps works independent of platform. Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS. You can access the MIS dashboards on the go.

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What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

Grapes made the hospital paperless. It also helped to make the hospital queue system efficient.

Sri.Madhavan Pillai
Customer Testimonails

The EMR is very userfriendly. It is also not that difficult to learn.

Dr.Manoj Kumar
Customer Testimonails

Grapes EMR helped me to finish my OP in very less time when compared to the time taken while using paper files.

Dr.Rachel Daniel
Customer Testimonails

I have been using Grapes for the last 9 years. I am totally satisfied with the system.

Dr.Renu Chandran
Customer Testimonails

Grapes EMR system is very easy to learn. You will get the concept of the system with just one day's training.

Customer Testimonails

Grapes system helps the management very well for administrative purposes.

Swami Amayanandha