19-20 January 2019
Hacking Health


Providing essential healthcare to a population of 1.3 billion needs innovation.

Rural Healthcare

How can we solve the unavailability of experienced medical professionals and healthcare facilities in rural areas? Improving accessibility to essential healthcare, creating cheaper alternatives to existing solutions, etc are the needs of the hour.

Self Care Solutions

Long term illness or chronic illness is becoming a mainstream health issue for us. Many of those are lifestyle diseases and can be controlled by altering the patient's behavior. How can technology assist a patient or his caretakers to improve their health?

Pregnancy And Child Care

Starting from conception, parents undergo a very intense period of 3-4 years to bring up a child. They acquire a lot of knowledge from different sources as well as through frequent visits to medical practitioners. How can we use technology at different stages of this process?

Who Can Participate?

A recent CNBC article says 'Doctor's are asking silicon valley engineers to spend time in hospitals before building apps.' To make better solutions for healthcare, makers need to collaborate more with doctors and other healthcare professionals. At hacking health, you will be having people with many years of experience in healthcare learn from. Teams will be formed using a mix of different disciplines including engineers, doctors, designers, etc. Even if you don’t belong to any of these categories but is curious about healthcare, just pitch in.

Medical Professionals

Students, House Surgeons and Post Graduates


UI/UX Designers, Product Designers


Engineers, Developers, Data Scientists

Business Students

Business or Marketing Students and Graduates


When And How

  • Jan 1-17

    Register And Submit Ideas

    Register online to participate in the hackathon. You can also submit your idea/solution which you would like to work on. Submitting an idea is not mandatory as you can join with anyone who will be pitching an idea.

  • Jan 19 - 10:00 AM

    Idea Pitching

    Participants who have submitted ideas will pitch their idea or problem statement in front of the rest of participants. If there are more ideas, a shortlisting will be done.

  • Jan 19 - 11:00 AM

    Review Ideas And Form Teams

    Experienced mentors will help you through improving your problem statement. Participants then form teams around any of the pitched ideas.

  • Jan 19 - 12:30 PM

    Hackathon Begins

    Teams can start working on building a business model, prototype, etc for their idea. Mentors will be available all around to help you throughout the hackathon.

  • Jan 20 - 2:00 PM

    Hackathon Ends

    Teams should finish up their work to a presentable form. Presentations can either be mockups, wireframes, prototypes or presentations of a whole plan.

  • Jan 20 - 2:30 PM

    Pitching The Solutions

    Teams will pitch before an eminent panel who will select the best 3 teams. Feedbacks to take home and improve the solution will be provided.

  • Take Home
    Prizes and Goodies!


Kerala Technology Innovation Zone (KTIZ)

Kinfra Hi-Tech Park, HMT Colony, North Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala 683503


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Frequently Asked Questions

A hackathon is an event where participants involved in software development, engineering, designing, etc collaborate on various projects in competition with other teams. Typically, project leaders pitch their ideas to the group before forming teams. Participants are free to join whichever project they find interesting. A hackathon ends with presentations of projects to an audience.
Online registration is mandatory for all the participants. Click here to register.
Registration is completely free for students. Working professionals can make a small contribution at the venue as they wish.
Providing patient's medical records in a mobile apps isn't an idea. But the following are examples of an idea.
  • An app which helps a diabetic patient with recipes, reminders and other actions which help the patient to form a behavior which eventually leads to a better life.
  • A device which graphically shows and gives insights about the sounds in a stethoscope.
  • An app which a mother of a newborn and a growing child can use to track the child's growth and get essential inputs at each stage of growth.
  • Using any medical study as a base to predict diseases by learning from a set of patient's medical data.
  • An app that helps patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome to manage their bowel symptoms by dietary behavioral modifications. In addition to offering patients a simple and convenient way to track their symptoms and meals.
Top three teams will be awarded with cash prizes and lot of goodies. Also internship/hiring offers will be given for the best performers. Mentorship will be given by industry experts for teams who want to take their idea forward.
Food is provided on both days and lot of snacks and energy drinks will be available for you throughout.
If you are a designer, developer, etc you should bring your own tools to work with.
Registrations are for individuals only. Team formation happens at the venue on day 1. We insist on forming teams which are cross functional.